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Industrial companies face diverse and difficult wastewater treatment issues; from stringent discharge requirements to ever-changing regulations, and increased demand on production facilities to a greater focus on sustainability. Our water experts have a deep understanding of manufacturing processes, operations, and their associated water use and wastewater/stormwater generation. BC brings our clients technical excellence, creativity, and responsiveness, translating directly to effective and resilient solutions and cost savings.

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New Process Water Reclamation Facility produces high quality effluent

When Bush Brothers and Company needed a new process water reclamation facility (PWRF), they selected BC and its JV partner to complete the project under a progressive design-build contract. This project involved planning, process design, detailed design, construction, startup, and training services for a PWRF designed to treat production (food/canning) process water to a higher effluent quality for reuse within the PWRF and potential future reuse. Using carefully selected process decisions, the new PWRF also allows Bush greater flexibility in its effluent discharge, allowing for land application or direct discharge if desired

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Expedited design solutions for a $12.3M pre-treatment wastewater facility

A confidential  pharmaceutical client was located on a greenfield site that required a pretreatment plant to meet permit requirements. BC delivered wastewater characterization, Basis of Design Report, and 60% detailed design in less than four months with less than 1.5% in change orders. BC continued to work at the site providing O&M and startup support.

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Reducing water demand pressures with water reuse

Due to potential water use restrictions during drought conditions, this US petroleum refinery identified the City’s WWTP as a resilient source for water. BC developed water quality standards and designed the WWTP tertiary treatment and transmission pipeline to position the client to reduce water risk. The project also positioned the City to realize a new revenue source while effectively adding capacity to the potable water supply system.

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Breaking down barriers to address water supply and future growth demands

Facing declining water supply, permit changes and industrial growth, the City of Quincy (WA) is developing a new utility to integrate industrial and municipal wastewater treatment systems. BC helped assess and develop a program to reuse effluent water with solutions that include sending it to a local industrial user, using it for landscape irrigation and crops, and aquifer recharge in the form of aquifer storage recovery (ASR) using direct recharge. The City can choose the injection location and capture a high volume of water in a small footprint. Water can also be recovered from the aquifer using the ASR well. This program meets future growth and water supply demands for decades to come and creates a near-zero environmental discharge.

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Identifying treatment options for a mining operation

As part of an alternatives analysis to address water quality criteria in a local watershed, BC identified and developed treatment alternatives for selenium, nitrate, and phosphorus removal for the 7.9-mgd surface discharge impacted by waste rock from the surface mining operation. Based on BC’s comprehensive alternatives analysis, the client  identified the top alternatives that met their critical project goals.  

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Zero safety incidents after a yearlong pilot study

BC conducted a long-term pilot study of ultrafiltration technology for tertiary treatment of wastewater from a US petroleum refinery. We provided on-site staff for 24/7 operation of the unit as well as management of the analytical and performance data that involved thousands of data points over several phases of testing. BC had zero employee and subcontractor safety incidents after more than a year of daily field work.

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Offering comprehensive in-house laboratory testing services

Results from tests through BC’s treatability lab have helped clients realize up to 70% savings in operating costs, exclude entire treatment processes from designs and treatment plant operations, and make process alterations that support effluent compliance at a fraction of the original costs.

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