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Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District: Pilot Study

Brown and Caldwell led the design-build-operate installation of a biological nutrient removal pilot facility located in Elk Grove, Calif. Winner of WERF's 2014 Award for Excellence in Innovation, the pilot project is providing critical information for the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District's EchoWater Project, a $1.5 to $2.0 billion upgrade of the District's 181 mgd regional wastewater facility that serves 1.4 million customers.
Fast-track pilot study essential for
full-scale compliance
Bob Witzgall, Vice President | Tom Mingee, Chief Engineer | Jill Teplin, Construction Manager
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Demonstrating Compliance With Stringent Nitrogen Limits Using a Biological Nutrient Removal Process in California's Central Valley
Authors: Rion Merlo, Bob Witzgall, William Yu, Kurt Ohlinger, Steve Ramberg, Mai-Tram Le, Jeremy Boyce, Mitch Maidrand, Carla De Las Casas, Fran Burlingham, Rod Helm, and Denny Parker
The Implications of Disinfection Byproduct Formation in the Selection of a Disinfection Strategy
Authors: Carla De Las Casas, Fran Burlingham, Bob Witzgall, William Yu, Kurt Ohlinger, Rion Merlo, Shane Snyder, and Denny Parker
The Successful Design, Construction and Commissioning of a 0.25-MGD Biological Nutrient Removal Pilot Plant in Ten Months
Authors: William Yu, Graham Calciano, Rion Merlo, Jill Teplin, Tom Mingee, Bob Witzgall, Kurt Ohlinger, Steve Ramberg, Jeremy Boyce, Aren Hansen, Mitch Maidrand, Rod Helm, and Denny Parker
Proven technology makes timelines possible
Rion Merlo, Managing Engineer
Jar testing experimentation key to full-scale design
Lance Hershman, Principal Engineer
First-time field experience excites young engineers
Jennifer Chen, Senior Engineer
Living machine measures vital signs of treatment
Aren Hansen, Principal Engineer